How to succeed in a new business

If the current job market has you thinking about starting a business of your own, take some steps to increase the odds that your business will succeed.

* The first step is an honest self assessment. Common characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are the drive to achieve and the willingness to take risks. To succeed in business, you need good organizational and people skills, confidence to make good decisions under pressure, and the emotional and physical endurance to work long hours. Experience in the type of business you’re planning is a major factor.

* Take the time to do your homework. A business is more likely to fail if you’re in a hurry to open the doors. Consult trade associations, other successful business owners, governmental agencies, and professional advisors for information relating to your new business. Is there a demand for your type of product or service? If so, who will your customers be, and where should you locate in order to be easily accessible to them? How will you set your prices to attract customers, yet maximize profits? How will you make your business stand out from the competition?

* Look for ways to limit your overhead expenses. For example, determine whether you should lease or buy your premises and equipment. If you only need an office to meet with clients, consider places that rent space on an as-needed basis and furnish secretarial help and equipment. Check out the benefits of an enterprise zone, where taxes and even the cost of utilities and phone service may be lower.

* Incorporate your research into a business plan. Have your accountant assist you with this. Chances of obtaining the necessary start-up capital improve if you have a clear business plan.

Opening a new business is the dream of many people. For guidance that can help improve the chances of success for your venture, give us a call.


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