Audit Proofing your Tax Return

Is there really such a thing as an audit-proof tax return? A way of preparing your return to guarantee that you won’t be subject to an audit? Of course not! There certainly are ways to minimize your risk, however. Here are some tips:

Be neat!
Consider preparing your tax return by computer. A neatly prepared, computer-generated return looks much better to the IRS staffer (called a “classifier”) w…ho will decide whether to audit your return.

Be accurate!
The only thing worse than a messy return is an incorrect one. By “correct,” I mean that all of your numbers add and subtract accurately. This is another reason to prepare your return by computer, since you don’t need to worry about a computer program flubbing any of the math.

Document deductions!
Make sure you have documentation to support all items claimed on your tax return. If you have to estaimate an amount and the amount is large, you may either forgo taking the deduction or disclose this matter on your return using a special form.

Of course, these are only a few items that will help improve the quality of your return filed. Please contact the office if we may be of further assistance.


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