Remember, local is not always local-Know the difference

December 26, 2017 Written by

Not all CPA firms are alike! Pay attention to the details when deciding.

One firm in our area claims to be the largest firm in the area. That firm is part of a national firm whose headquarters are in the Midwest,  whose partners are local. Therefore, their structure is nothing more than a satellite office of a much larger firm; whose operations and strategic decisions, such as billing, are being made outside of this area.  So much for local knowledge! Another firm claims to be local in a neighboring town but the principal spends more time in Florida than anywhere else. How secure is that data?

By contrast, our firm employs between 15-19 professionals, including  5 CPAs and CPA candidates, and is locally and independently owned and operated. WE DO NOT outsource anything. Our clients are based primarily within the South Coast region. All of our professional staff are required to attend mandatory annual training and  be involved in the community. Finally,  some of our clients are the largest CPA firms in New England because we are involved on a national level with the AICPA Peer Review Program.  We also maintain a private network of other large CPA firms throughout the country. Therefore, whenever a question arises, we have ample resources and experience that we can bring to bear for our clients.

That, my friends, is local knowledge that can be put to work for you. That’s why our slogan is “Where your financial success begins“.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues