The IRS continues audit activity of auto dealerships

August 29, 2017 Written by

The IRS announced in a field memorandum in 2010 that it will be stepping up its audit activity with auto dealerships with respect to inventory issues. This increased activity has continued. The issue here is that under the law, resellers of tangible personal property with annual average sales of $10 million or more are required to capitalize a portion of their overhead under Section 263A of the Internal Revenue Code. This is more commonly known as the Uniform Capitalization Rules. The rules usually apply to manufacturers but can apply to resellers that fit the criteria noted above.

It is our feeling that once this audit activity is completed the IRS will extend its scope to include manufacturers and other resellers in other industries. Therefore it is very important that these records are maintained and are adequately documented. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues