What is Personal Financial Planning

July 27, 2017 Written by

We are all busy people nowadays. There is often not a lot of time to devote to subjects of this nature, however it is very important to consider developing a financial plan early in your career in order to assure having adequate resources during retirement or at the end of your life.  Among the most important aspects of personal financial planning are the following:

Risk management and insurance.


Tax and estate planning

Retirement planning

Other aspects such as education planning and long term care planning can be considered on an as needed basis.

One of the objectives of personal financial planning is to create a plan to harmonize all these different aspects, among others, in order to have a complete plan to handle most aspects of your life. This is done by meetings and analyzing priorities, assessing resources and developing an approach that encompasses all aspects identified above. A Personal financial plan can be done in piecemeal (picking only one aspect above) or taking all aspects into consideration for a more complete outlook.

So do you or your contacts feel like you have all these matters under control? If not, feel free to give us a call at the office to discuss any of these issues.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues