What to Look for in a CPA

April 4, 2017 Written by
When choosing a CPA it is important to determine the qualifications of the CPA. Check their most current peer review and ask if they had any findings.

Assess their attitude when asking certain questions regarding their background and qualifications. Are they proud to discuss the matter, do they downplay or minimize the answer, or are they defensive?

I personally feel that a CPA with a large firm background has the highest discipline for quality and training. They also tend to have a broader base of industry and service experience.

Ask the prosepctive CPA if their firm is independantly owned and operated or are they an affiliate of a much larger group of CPAs. Bigger is not always better!

Check their current license to determine if it’s current. This can be checked by going to the MA Board of Public Accountancy’s Website.

Finally, talk frankly with the CPA you choose regarding, your service expectations and fee arrangements. Ask for a written letter outlining the fee structure.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our background and qualifications. We have a free consultation policy and welcome questions and inquiries.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues