Online Security , a must for many

December 26, 2015 Written by

Once again as we approach tax season, we will all be faced with the scams from persons trying to get our personal information. Ihe IRS reminds us that it’s important to make sure everyone guards their personal information online and at home. Some of their suggestions are as follows:
Especially in families that use the same computer, students should be warned against turning off any security software in use or opening any suspicious emails. They should be instructed to never click on embedded links or download attachments of emails from unknown sources.
Identity thieves are just one of many predators plying the Internet. And, actions by one computer user could infect the machine for all users. That’s a concern when dealing with personal financial details or tax information.
Kids should be warned against oversharing personal information on social media. But oversharing about home addresses, a new family car or a parent’s new job gives identity thieves a window into an extra bit of information they need to impersonate you.

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Written by: Doug Rodrigues