Safeguard customer information

July 16, 2015 Written by

After the recent breach of an IRS application that exposed the personal information of taxpayers to hackers, you may be wondering how to secure the data your business collects from customers.

You’re probably already changing passwords and using security software such as encryption, virus protection, and anti-malware and spyware programs on your computers. Additional steps include running scans to determine vulnerable operating system services and network connections.

What else can you do? Here are three tips

* Determine what personal information you gather from customers and where and how you store that information. Then decide what information you actually need to ask for when interacting with customers. Streamlining the amount of data requested allows you to optimize risk management practices.

* Implement off-line security techniques, such as locking file cabinets that contain paper documents with personal information and limiting who has access to those records. Secure physical devices too, including laptop computers, digital copy machines, and smart phones.

* Examine how you dispose of sensitive information and establish a policy for shredding paper and digital files. Remember that information you obtain from or about health issues or children may require extra security measures to comply with privacy regulations.

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Written by: Doug Rodrigues