IRS issues new taxpayer "Bill of Rights"

September 29, 2014 Written by

The IRS has issued a new “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” to highlight the agency’s commitment to providing quality service to taxpayers.

The IRS has lost more than $850 million in funding – about 7% – since 2010 and is finding it challenging to “properly serve taxpayers.” The IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said the 10-item Bill of Rights is intended as a “cornerstone document” to give taxpayers a better understanding of their rights.

Included in the ten rights are the right to be informed, to quality service, to pay no more than the correct amount of tax, to challenge the IRS’s position and be heard, to appeal an IRS decision, to finality, privacy, and confidentiality, to retain representation, and to a fair and just tax system.

For more information on this bill of rights, please contact the office.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues