Part-time workers are on the increase

September 2, 2014 Written by

Recent job statistics indicate an increase in the number of part-time workers. Many employers are increasingly using part-timers to deal with variations in workload and for short-term projects. As one economist put it, “Companies view labor more as inventory that is to be hired when they need it and let go when they don’t need it.”

Part-timers can turn into a liability if not managed well. Here are a few tips your business will find useful if you hire part-time workers.

* Think before you hire. Decide exactly what you want the person to do, what hours you want the person to work, and who the worker will report to. Decide on the pay level and the benefits you’ll offer.

* Communicate clearly with the part-timer. Explain the person’s duties, the hours and benefits, and who the part-timer will report to.

* Tell your full-time staff why you’re hiring the part-timer. Make it clear what that person will and won’t be expected to do.

* Provide introductory training for the part-time worker. Assign someone the new person can turn to with everyday questions.

* Monitor the part-timer’s progress. Provide feedback on performance and recognition for doing a good job.

With attention to these points, your part-time workers are more likely to be a good choice for your company. Call the office for more information.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues