An Example of our Client Service

April 23, 2013 Written by

Here is an example of some of what we do for our clients:

A while ago, a client came in who the year before owed $110K to the IRS and $8,000 in penalties and was told about this three days before the due date!

Now, fortunately, the client had the money, but when the advisor was confronted about the amount due, his response was ‘what do you care’, you have the money!

Well, this year, we were able gather their data & assess their financial situation on a quarterly basis so that they know what direction they’re headed and how much in taxes are owed. Now they pay their taxes on time and avoid the penalties.

So, if you know anyone who has an advisor with an attitude problem or is sick and tired of paying too much in taxes or penalties, have them see us. We have a free initial consultation policy



Written by: Doug Rodrigues