"Full House" is the new home trend

April 11, 2013 Written by

Surveys are showing that having more than one generation living under the same roof is becoming increasingly common. And that trend may be affecting home design.

A third of homeowners report that they expect to have grown children or aging parents move in with them at some point. About 15% say an adult child has already moved back home with them.

The multi-generational housing trend is higher t…han it has been since the 1950s. A Pew research study reports that almost 22% of young adults were living at home in 2010 compared with 16% in 2000.

Builders are responding to this trend with home designs focused on providing usable space for the different ages of the home’s occupants. Out are large, fancy living and dining rooms that seldom get used. In are additional bedrooms for the additional home occupants and family-oriented spaces that can be utilized by children, parents, and grandparents.



Written by: Doug Rodrigues